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Student ability in numeracy is developed throughout the curriculum and applies to a variety of contexts and situations. The processes used to solve a numeracy task can be summarized as shown.


The BC Ministry of Education defines numeracy as “the ability to interpret information within a given situation, apply mathematical understanding to solve an identified problem, and to analyze and communicate a solution.” Based on this definition, NVSS is committed to support student learning in regard to decision-making, flexibly using mathematical thinking, as well as interpreting and communicating successful strategies as part of the numeracy task solving process.

Our Priority

NVSS is committed to build and improve a culture of numeracy for all learners and staff. The intention is to make problem-solving processes embedded in curricular content more visible and empower learners to see the connections between mathematics and all aspects of daily living.

Our Actions

NVSS aims to build knowledge and capacity for enhanced understanding of the numeracy processes as outlined by the BC Ministry of Education.  Teaching, learning and assessments, as well as targeted interventions are designed and reviewed to create a school community that recognizes numeracy as an important aspect of being educated citizens.

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