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Student ability in literacy is considered cross-curricular and applies to a variety of contexts and situations. Literacy skills include analyzing graphs or data commonly found in Social Studies or Science contexts, interpreting statistics presented in infographics and responding to a variety of written, visual and digital texts.  

The BC Ministry of Education defines literacy as “the ability to critically analyze and make meaning from diverse texts and to communicate and express oneself in a variety of modes and for a variety of purposes in relevant contexts.” 

Our Priority
Based on the definition above, NVSS is committed to increasing the number of students who meet or exceed expectations on provincial and school-wide assessments. NVSS also strives to close the equity gap for all grades and increase students’ ability to use literacy skills to advocate in meaningful ways.

Our Actions
NVSS staff are engaged in course development that meets diverse learner needs, utilizing professional development to support staff learning.   In MyNVSS, teams of teachers are responsible for embedding literacy in all curricular areas. This is achieved through teacher-led course development supported by webinars.  
Data collected is reviewed by staff periodically to adjust instructional strategies and plan interventions as needed. Additionally, teacher teams work with district support teachers and other schools in the marking of RAD and the collection, distribution, and use of data.
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