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Learning Initiatives

Aviation Program
In partnership with the Vanderhoof Flying Club, the Introduction to Aviation course meets the required ground school portion of the private pilot license training and prepares the student for the Transport Canada written exam. The course is designed around the Transport Canada guidelines for ground school, is recognized internationally, and covers necessary flight theory, aircraft systems, and air law while teaching the important navigational, meteorological, and decision making skills necessary to earn a private and then commercial pilot license.

This course includes flying the advanced Red Bird full motion flight simulator is an introduction to the general flight procedures and air exercises as well as an optional flight to nearby communities.


Please visit the NVSS Aviation website for more information about this program.



KOH Learning
Koh-learning in our Watersheds: Transforming education by connecting students, communities and waterways
The “Koh-Learning in our Watersheds” is a UNBC-SD91 partnered project founded on the benefits of learners, educators and partners learning together about ‘Koh’ – a word for waterway in Dakelh. 

This project builds on a long-standing partnership between SD 91 and UNBC. Initiated in 2019, the Koh-Learning in our Watersheds project involves SD 91 students, teachers, administrators, the Aboriginal Education Council of SD 91, community partners and interdisciplinary researchers. 

This experiential (i.e., hands-on, practical), nature- and place-based initiative of integrative learning within watersheds is designed to support commitments to First People’s Principles of Learning including connectedness, reciprocal relationships, and sense of place. Learning is oriented toward broader systems change that enhances student success and life-long learning. This initiative focuses on education system transformation nested within community and watershed contexts.  As a systems-change initiative, Koh-Learning fuels Indigenous & non-Indigenous youth to become informed and connected stewards and change agents for the well-being of their environments and communities, who are then empowered to influence decisions and processes affecting their futures.
NVSS Music Program

music notesThe NVSS band program runs from grade five to twelve. We have a large concert band program with three ensembles and two jazz bands that rehearse before school twice a week. We also have a New Orleans style jazz combo that meets after school. We are very proud of all of our NVSS musicians!



Young Entrepreneur Leadership Launchpad 
YELL Canada’s Entrepreneurship 12 is a BC Ministry of Education approved high school entrepreneurship course. Students will focus on business concepts, learn from speakers, develop their own ideas and learn how to put their ideas into action.
In this fast-changing world, regardless of the career path a student chooses, you want to develop a mindset that can problem solve when you get stuck, develop your curiosity on how you can impact the world and teach you how to present your point of view or ideas in an engaging way. A growth mindset is an entrepreneurial mindset.

The top 3 things our past students have gained from taking this course are:

  1. Improved self confidence
  2. Stronger problem-solving skills
  3. The ability to work successfully & collaboratively in teams.
Visit the District YELL website for more information about this program.