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Applied Skills
Applied Skills
Home Economics, Woodwork, Metalwork, Mechanics
English & Literacy
The Applied Skills programs provide technical
knowledge and practical experience working in a realistic setting focused on lab and project completion. Emphasis is placed on learning the correct and safe uses of topic area tools.
Students are guided to develop
strong communication skills, an understanding and
appreciation of language and literature, and to
become literate and responsible citizens in a digital
age. Students are encouraged to think
critically, creatively, and reflectively; to construct a
sense of personal and cultural identity; and to be
respectful of a range of perspectives and worldviews.
Fine Arts
Drama/Acting, Art, Music, Dance, Visual Arts/Photography, Yearbook
Natural Sciences, Computer Science, Robotics
The NVSS Fine Arts program meets the needs of both the student who is seriously interested in the world of the Arts and related career professions, as well as those of the student who is interested in exploring aspects of artistic expression for personal enrichment and enjoyment.
Students will be expected to develop the life skills of communication, cooperation, and collaboration.
Students are encouraged to use critical thinking,
creative insight, and scientific
knowledge to collaborate with peers, to investigate
nature, to solve problems, to communicate
effectively, to innovate, to discover, and to increase
your understanding of science through hands-on
Physical Education & Athletics
Daily participation in different types of
physical activity influences our physical
literacy and personal health and fitness goals.
Lifelong participation in physical activity has
many benefits and is an essential part of a
healthy lifestyle.
The NVSS Math program aims to improve students' numeracy by encouraging students to investigate to real-life situations, building deep understanding of the mathematical concepts presented and asking questions to make connections to other disciplines.
 The Grade 10 Numeracy Assessment is a provincial assessment that assesses student proficiency in numeracy. It is a graduation requirement and students take the assessment in their Grade 10 year.
Second Languages
French, Spanish, Japanese, Carrier
Social Studies
Law, Psychology, History
Starting in grade 9, second languages become electives. 
If you plan to go to university after high school, it is recommended that you take a second language.  
All students must take a Grade 11 or 12 Social Studies course in order to graduate. Students can take a Grade 12 Social Studies course while they are in Grade 11.
special ed
Special Education
Learning Assistance, Lifeskills, ACE/PEP, Valhalla
Student Services
Counselling, Career Prep, Planning, Tutoring
NVSS offers a variety of different programs to meet the needs of all learners, including junior and senior alternate education as well as learning assistance in mainstream courses.
The counsellors handle registrations, course selections, and course transfers, as well as arrange and conduct meetings with parents and students.