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Graduation Requirements

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The B.C. Graduation Program sets the requirements to exit the K-12 education system and ensures that students are graduating from secondary school as educated citizens, with the knowledge, competencies, and skills they will need to transition successfully into higher education, training, or the workforce.
An educated citizen is defined as having:
  • educated citizenIntellectual Development – to develop the ability of students to analyze critically, reason and think independently, and acquire basic learning skills and bodies of knowledge; to develop in students a lifelong appreciation of learning, a curiosity about the world around them, and a capacity for creative thought and expression.
  • Human and Social Development – to develop in students a sense of self-worth and personal initiative; to develop an appreciation of the fine arts and an understanding of cultural heritage; to develop an understanding of the importance of physical health and well-being; to develop a sense of social responsibility, acceptance and respect for the ideas and beliefs of others.
  • Career Development – to prepare students to attain their career and occupational objectives; to assist in the development of effective work habits and the flexibility to deal with change in the workplace.
The provincial curriculum is set by the B.C. Ministry of Education and defines what students are expected to learn at each Grade level and in every subject area.
There are three categories of Core Competencies embedded in the curriculum:
1. Communication 
2. Thinking (Critical and Creative) 
3. Personal and Social (Cultural Identity, Personal Awareness, and Social Responsibility)
Students are required to complete a capstone project and a number of Provincial Graduation Assessments
The requirements for a Dogwood Diploma are summarized as follows:
Dogwood Checklist
Dogwood 2
Please refer to the complete policy document for further information or visit the B.C. Certificates of Graduation homepage.