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Nechako Valley Secondary
Code of Conduct

Prepared by THE NVSS DISCIPLINE REVIEW COMMITTEE -Comprised of Students, Parents, and Staff-Updated 2010

The Code of Conduct at NVSS has been developed based on the concepts of RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. If students learn to respect themselves and others, and their rights and the rights of others, then they need few other guidelines for their behavior.

Outlined in this Code of Conduct are the rights and corresponding responsibilities for the members of our school community. For those who cannot, or choose not to, RESPECT those RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES please refer to the student handbook for a list of some of the behaviors that will not be tolerated at NVSS along with recommended consequences.

It is the responsibility of all members of the school community to support the Code of Conduct and to ensure that it is fairly and consistently applied at school, extracurricular activities, and in the school neighborhood.


  1. Right to an education
  2. Responsibility to come to class on time prepared to learn
  3. Right to learn without disruption
  4. Responsibility not to disrupt the learning of others
  5. Right to be treated with respect and dignity
  6. Responsibility to treat others with respect and dignity regardless of race, sex, cultural or social background
  7. Right to a safe and positive learning environment free from harassment
  8. Responsibility to bring a positive learning attitude into the school and to all classes
  9. Right to be treated fairly
  10. Responsibility to treat everyone fairly
  11. Right to be involved in decisions regarding their education
  12. Must accept the responsibilities to deal with the consequences of their decisions, both positive and negative
  13. Right to a clean, healthy environment free of litter and vandalism
  14. Responsibility to help keep the school community clean and healthy and to not participate in, or tolerate by others, acts of vandalism
  15. Right to hear and be heard
  16. Responsibility to voice comments in an acceptable way and the responsibility to listen to others.


  1. Right to have our children educated in a positive environment
  2. Responsibility to ensure our children attend school and to foster a positive learning attitude and good work habitsRight to feel welcome and free to approach staff and administration on any school matters
  3. Responsibility to work with staff & students to find solutions to these matters and to be open to hearing all sides of issues
  4. Right to have our children in a safe, positive learning environment free of harassment; and to have students treated in a fair and consistent manner
  5. Responsibilities include:
    -Encouraging thoughtful, informed decisions
    -Leading by example
    -Supporting the school staff in maintaining a safe environment
    -Helping students recognize and accept their responsibilities
  6. Right to be involved in decisions regarding our students’ education
  7. Responsibility to be objective and fair
    -To seek information concerning our students
    -To be supportive of decisions
  8. Right to have input as part of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) concerning decisions about school programs
  9. Responsibility to be supportive of and/or be involved with PAC process
  10. Right to be informed on a regular basis regarding school events and student progress
  11. Responsibility to track student progress and/or attendance and to communicate with the school and staff whenever necessary


  1. Right to be treated with respect as a valued member of the education community
  2. Responsibility:
    -To recognize each student as an individual
    -To listen to students and parents
    -To protect the rights of students
  3. Right to have each student come to class, on time, prepared to work
  4. Responsibility:
    -To teach/facilitate learning
    -To have work prepared so that each student has an opportunity for an optimal education
    -To frequently and regularly inform the student of his progress
  5. Right to work without disruptive interruption
  6. Responsibility to seek to provide a positive learning environment
  7. Right to have support from home
  8. Responsibility to communicate with the home when appropriate
  9. Right to have support from the administration
  10. Responsibilities include;
    -supporting the administration in their decisions
    -making wise decisions concerning which students are referred to the administration
    -providing feedback about class composition
  11. Right to have any student who is consistently rude, disrespectful or disobedient removed from class
  12. Responsibility to seek solutions to effectively deal with such students; to document problems adequately and to forward to administration for assistance


  • Possession/use of illegal drugs, including alcohol
  • Fighting or violent behaviour
  • Abusive behaviour towards others, either physical, verbal or emotional
  • Disruptive behaviour
  • Providing/possession of weapons is prohibited. Students who wish to bring such items to school for projects or display must have prior approval and these items must be stored with the teacher in charge of that activity.
  • Continual lack of effort in class or towards studies
  • Continual tardiness or lack of attendance
  • Theft or vandalism (intentional damaging or defacing of school property or the property of others)
  • Skipping classes/school
  • Any type of bullying


According to Board Policy NVSS buildings and grounds are tobacco free areas. Students who must smoke should do so off of the school grounds in a designated area, and only during non-class times (before school, or at lunch hour.) In addition, students are expected to conduct themselves as responsible members of the neighborhood within which the school is located. Students must be courteous to the families living in the school neighborhood and respectful of their property. Students who engage in conduct which disturbs, disrupts or damages the persons or property of the school neighborhood may be subject to discipline

  • JURISDICTION-The Code of Conduct applies to all students, staff and parents during regular school hours and also during any school sponsored activities.
  • SCHOOL DISTRICT 91 Code of Conduct
    Policy No. 502.1 (Item 2.7)
    It is expected that students will respect the diversity of our school community and the BC Human Rights Code which prohibits discrimination on the grounds of: Ancestry, colour; family or marital status; physical or mental disability; place of origin, race, religion; sex; and, sexual orientation.

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