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Nechako Valley Secondary
Attendance Policy

Regular, prompt attendance is an expectation at NVSS, and is essential for students’ academic success.
Parents should ensure their children are in attendance at school. Parents and students should understand and meet the following expectations:

  1. Parental Notification. Please notify the school at (250) 567-2291 in the event that a student is going to be absent, late, or required to leave school early.
  2. Excused Absences. Some examples of excused absences may include: illness, emergency, bereavement, religious observance, athletic events, and medical/legal appointments that cannot be rescheduled.
  3. Planned Absences. In the event that a planned absence is expected, parents are requested to notify the school well in advance. This would include any extended period of time where parents plan to remove their children from classes.
  4. Class. Be on time, and be seated before the bell rings. Don’t forget to bring all necessary equipment: textbooks, pencils, pens, ruler, etc.
  5. Departure from school during the school day. No student will be permitted to leave school during class time unless the office receives a note or phone call from a parent or the student has an approved study block form on file. In ALL cases, before leaving school, students must sign the Departure from School sheet at the office, and report back to the office upon returning to the school.
  6. Making Up Work. It is the student’s responsibility to make up any work they have missed while absent with excuse. It is expected that work assigned during a student’s absence will be completed according to an agreement reached between the student and the respective teachers.
  7. Halls. Students (including those on Study blocks) should not be in the halls during instructional (class) time.
  8. Monthly attendance monitoring is conducted by administration.

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